A Sentimental Journey

Filled with the glorious melodies of the 30s and 40s, BLITZ!  features a host of fascinating characters, all portrayed and evoked by the multi-talented Claire Dawson, a lead performer on London's West End stages before moving to Tasmania.

In this hilarious and heart-warming musical, we follow a feisty young woman’s ascent to the glamour and excitement of West End stardom before being flung headlong into the terror of the London Blitz where she faces the possibility of losing the true love she has been seeking all along.

“A one-woman and one-accompanist show with heart and energy. Dynamic Claire Dawson dazzles – singing, dancing and interpreting the music of the 20s, 30s and 40s…The original concept of the show is based on the experiences of her late grandmother, written around her career as a performer on London stages during the World War II bombing.

Dawson has impeccable timing, moving in and out of accents, from posh to Skouse and back again. For almost two hours she engaged and included an adoring audience. Sing-along songs in the wartime medley, supported by pianist Craig M. Wood fairly rocketed along….Dawson handled the varied repertoire with verve and confidence – the girl can sing! She strutted, marched and danced around a striking set designed by Jill Munro.”

  • Stage Whispers, Feb 2014
Blitz! Show photo #1
Blitz! Show photo #2
Blitz! Show photo #3